Select your Work Scheme Roster

Work Scheme Roster Allocation

All members wishing to change / confirm their Work Scheme Duty Roster should email the Work Scheme Duty Administrator (Charlie Coxwell) their 1st & 2nd Duty choice, based on the following:-

Members required
Roster Name
Patrol Boat (2)9Sailing (2)
Race Officer (2)4Sailing (2)
Patrol Boat (3)16Sailing (3)
Patrol Boat (4)7Sailing (4)
Race Officer (4)1Sailing (4)
Try Sailing Helmsman2Sailing (4)

Please note:
• If your 1st Duty choice is full you will be allocated to your 2nd choice. (See below)
• If you do not indicate a selection you will be listed on the roster in most need. This is likely to be either Bar or Galley duties.

For new members ‘not in the know’, there are the following 3 Sailing Rosters:

Sailing (2) Duties are approximately 4 hour long, are mainly in the harbour and over Saturdays & or Sundays. Members will need to select 2 duty dates.
Sailing (3) Duties are approximately 2hr 40min long, covering the Lugger races held in front of the clubhouse. These are mostly held on alternative Sundays. Members will need to select 3 duty dates.
Sailing (4) Duties are approximately 2 hour long, covering Try Sailing and Dinghy races. Members will need to select 4 duty dates dates.

If you have a duty preference, please email the Work Scheme Administrator (Charlie Coxwell) by,



Please indicate your 1st & 2nd Duty Choice. One of which should be from the Clubhouse roster.

If you chose Patrol boat (2) and this is full I will first try and find space for you in either Patrol Boat (3) or (4) before falling back on your 2nd Clubhouse choice.

Name: Fred Blogg. Membership Number: 2200

1st choice – Patrol Boat (2) 

2nd Choice – Bar

I will email all members their roster allocation by mid November.

Duty dates will be bookable on line (through DutyMan) between 1st & 9th December 2013.

For those members having problems with booking their duty dates, I will be at the clubhouse from midday to 2pm on Sunday 1st December 2013.

Regards to all

Charlie Coxwell
Work Scheme Administrator

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