Summer Rallies

FSMBC Summer rallies 2018 

Saturday 21stJuly 

Lymington Rally

Inter-Club Race back Sunday


Saturday 18thAugust 

Beaulieu Rally and BBQ


Saturday 1stSeptember 

Bursledon Regatta Rally and BBQ


Saturday 15thSeptember

Island Harbour Rally and BBQ

Ladies Race back on Sunday

Please add your name and boat details to the list on the club noticeboard, or email Lizzy Bolan

Sunday 15thJuly for Lymington and 

Thursday 26thJuly for 

Beaulieu, Bursledon and Island Harbour

O s t r o bo g u l o u s

Ostrobogulous Definition – Humorous, used to designate something that is slightly risqué or indecent! In our case its a system for working out a Race series Champion & encouraging turn out for club racing.

We will be running this alongside our ‘official’ results for the Lugger Summer series. This is just being done as a bit of fun, to generate interest and discussion.

Originally it was first adopted by a single fleet in 1971 and is now used by over 40 clubs throughout Great Britain.

One of the main benefits is that it creates interest and thereby encourages turnout.

The salient features are:
Everyone starts at 0; the helmsman with the highest score after the last race is the winner.
After each race (even after the first race) there is a cumulative total so that at any time in the season each competitor can see where he stands in relation to the others.

Points are awarded to all contestants that cross the start line and also are awarded for beating other helmsmen who are as good or nearly as good as they are. i.e. a good helmsman does not gain any points for beating one with a substantially lower score.

There are no discards allowed.

The system has the automatic effect of making the races near the end of the season more important than those at the beginning. This gives the end of the season added interest and usually means an increase in attendance to the series; Helmsman entering other than the beginning of the season have a chance to catch up.

The length of the series is not important, but the system works best with more than 8 races. This year the Lugger Summer series will run to 21 races – so should be an interesting run. Ties sometimes occur at the end of a series; they cannot be broken and must stand.

Ostrobogulous results will be displayed alongside our Official results, on noticeboard in Clubhouse corridor. This will enable you to compare the two systems. Check out and give us your views.

2017 race evaluation evening

Friday 27th October

The Sailing Committee invite you to a race evaluation meeting at the Clubhouse at 7.30.

Items to be discussed:

  • Solent Cruiser Races – What can be done to encourage members to participate?  This year saw a disappointing turnout of participants. Next year we will be running 4 Sunday Solent races, each one back from a Social Rally to be held at Hamble, Island Harbour Marina, Beaulieu and Yarmouth. With better publicity it is hoped that a greater number of members will participate. The race back from Island Harbour will include a Cup for the first boat, on corrected time, helmed by a Lady. A cup will be awarded for the winner of the race series. One discard allowed from the 4 races. Handicap will be by Byron.
  • Harbour Cruiser race courses – This year we have changed the structure of harbour race courses. Do members like the changes? Would participants prefer longer or shorter courses?
  • Harbour Cruiser race handicaps – With a view of tempting a greater number  of participating competitors, the Sailing Committee trialled a different approach to handicap setting. (PBH)
    • The different types of Handicap systems – their advantages and disadvantages.
    • What other Sailing Clubs are using for Handicaps.
    • Comparison of race results using PBH & Bryon.
    • Explanation of ‘Dividing Factor’ within PBH.
    • Has this been successful?
    • Should we continue with this system?
  • Crew availability – several members have cited that one of the reasons they do not participate is a shortage of crew. Suggestions on how the club could help on this issue.

Combined Harbour Regatta

Club members wishing to attend the Combined Harbour Regatta, this coming Saturday (9th) may wish to read the following Email sent by PSC.

Coming up this weekend, Saturday will see the Combined Harbour Regatta which includes our friends from Clubs around the harbour – in particular Hardway and Fareham as part of the Portsmouth Harbour Interclub series along with the Victory and Squib classes and others from Portsmouth.  As if this isn’t enough on its own to get everyone out sailing, the event this year also takes in Bart’s Bash, raising money for the Andrew Simpson Foundation. This is the only Bart’s Bash sailing event in Portsmouth this year and we have special dispensation to host it a week earlier than the other events around the world!

Please can I also ask that you sign up on the Bart’s Bash website ( )  – as I type this email, PSC is 10th on the list of Clubs – it would be great to get to the top by Saturday….. The Andrew Simpson Foundation is also running an on-line auction ( ) – another excellent way to give a bit to the Foundation.

 We have lined up some spectacular prizes: a range of Rooster equipment for all trophy positions; For cruisers, a lift and scrub at Trafalgar Wharf as well as 2 x one year Pro subscription licenses for weather forecasting and routing – all in addition to a great range of engraved trophies.

 Racing is scheduled to start at 11:55 with a Committee boat start and finish with an aim to have everyone ashore by 16:00 for prize -giving and a great social event.

We are expecting to start Cruisers, Victory Keelboat Class, Squibs, Dinghies and Toppers as separate classes in a schedule as shown on the Race Instructions which are available on the PSC web site  Please make sure you have read them thoroughly!

 A BBQ will be available at certain times but at 16:00 a Hog roast will be served for the hungry sailors (and race officers!) with the BBQ taking over again if needed.  We are planning a real ale extravaganza with great discounts along with free squash for kids and as many offers as we can arrange. Tickets for the Hog Roast and BBQ will be on sale during the afternoon along with raffle tickets to win bottles of wine.

 The evening band is scheduled to start after the prize-giving taking us ‘till late so let’s make this an event the whole Harbour will be talking about for the next three years when it will be our turn to host again!

 Very special thanks go to for Marine Superstore, Trafalgar Wharf, Rooster, Powerworks and others for generous contributions to the cause and  allowing us to put on such a special event.

 I look forward to seeing you all at the Club on Saturday.

 Kind Regards,

 Andy Pidduck.