interClub Race 3

InterClub race to Bembridge on Sat 15th July. If your aiming to do the race please let either myself or PSC know your hoping to race.
FSMBC & PSC are organising a BBQ after at Bembridge, please let Lizzy Adams know if your hoping to attend BBQ.
Have a nice weekend.

Inter-Club Nab Tower race

Race date : Sat. 17th June 2017

HW: 1600hr Portsmouth

Race start time: 12.00hrs

This event is part of the Inter-Club series. If you have not filled in a ‘Cruiser Entry Form_blank‘ you will need to do so prior to racing. This needs to be sent to:

Race details can be found from:

2017 Nab Tower Courses

2017 Interclub instructions

All invited to evening entertainment at Hardway Sailing Club. Click for details: Nab-tower

InterClub Racing 2017

The following InterClub races have been scheduled:

13-5-17 (Possible Hardway race)

17-6-17 Nab tower

15-7-17 Bembridge

9-9-17 InterClub Regatta @ PSC

16 & 17 September  Barts Bash

24-9-17 Yarmouth

This year we see PSC as the InterClub Host. I am sure many of you will wish to support the above events and if so you will need to download and return to PSC the following two files:

  • Cruiser Entry Form
  • Risk Statement

Both the above files are available through our (FSMBC) website. Click: Race Instructions

As yet Race instructions have not been issued – I will advise as soon as they are.

Please note:

Handicaps used for the above races will be determined by Portchester Sailing Committee who use a modified PY system.

Yacht Races 2017

The more observant members will notice that some changes to the 2017 cruiser harbour races have been listed. These include the following:

  • All Lugger / Cruiser races ‘double booked’ events have been shifted. Cruiser harbour races are now to take place only on Saturdays.
  • A new race series has been added – to be called the Combined series. So called as it combines the results of both the Rylard (4 races) and Committee (4 races) series results with two additional summer races. This makes a total of 10 races, your best 8 results to count towards the result. So you now have 3 chances of winning this coming year.
  • Races are now spread across from mid-March to end-October. Check Club Calendar for dates.
  • Yacht handicaps – have yet to meet a club where all members are equally happy with their designated handicap! The Club used to use PY (Portsmouth Yardstick) but in an attempt to reduce the Bar mutterings, have recently changed to NHC (National Handicap for Cruisers). This is a system introduced by the RYA and is aimed at encouraging the slower boats and those members who are less skilful, to be able to compete with the faster boats. If you are unfamiliar with this system please check out – Sailing > Yacht Racing > Handicap Explained, where I have attempted to explain how it works and its effect on race results.

Hopefully all the above changes will encourage members to come and give Cruiser Racing a try. It’s the best way of getting to know how your boat behaves and how to get the best from her. Come and support your club and have fun at the same time.


Dave Bradey Trophy 2016 Photo’s

Pirates Day 4th June


Dear Club Member,

We are seeking volunteer skippers and crew to take part in the ‘on water’ activity for this year’s Pirates Day, just seven weeks away.  You will see publicity on the Club notice boards from the weekend (9th), in the next Newsletter and on the website.

About 30 boats will be needed to accommodate approximately 100 guests in family groups.

If you are interested in taking part please contact Dave Branscombe (details below) or enter your name and details in the Club.  If you are not aware of what the day’s activities are about or want further info ask.

We look forward to receiving your response and wish you an enjoyable and safe sailing season.

It would also be helpful if there were members who would help out with tasks ashore.

Dave Branscombe.