Habitation Checks

Importance of Habitation Checks 

Gas Safety is very important part of the annual habitation check. Many issues can occur that involve the gas appliances, pipes and connections. Carbon monoxide poisoning from a blocked flue or compromised ventilation can be fatal, we also recommend you purchase a carbon monoxide detector today!

240/12v electrical systems are checked for perished wiring, correct voltage and connections. Battery drain can be a big issue, particularly when you about to set off on your adventures!

Body mountings are also checked to ensure that no movement is occurring between the chassis and the body work.

Running gear and tyres should be checked before setting off on your journey.

Many other general checks are carried out at this time, including some noticeable health and safety issues regarding storage.

Water Ingress - This can be costly. I don’t mean the monetary value of the habitation check, but recently there have been an increase in motorhomes and caravans with major damp issues. Part of the annual habitation check involves checking for early warning signs of damp.

I have carried out many repairs on damp motorhomes and caravans, if you should be unlucky enough to find yourself with a problem, please call me for a free assessment on 07837 451520 or e-mail me at paul.butler@ollyvan.co.uk

Aluminium corrosion and leaking mouldings can be a major problem if left unchecked. However, should you be unlucky to have damp in your ‘beloved’ motorhome or caravan, do not despair. We can repair many damp motorhomes and caravans no matter how new or old, make or model, including panel replacements. We have not come across one yet that we have been unable to bring back to life, but always up for a challenge!





Charges for

Motorhomes £150 plus VAT

Single axle Caravan £180 plus VAT

(within 1hr radius of Portchester)