2019 Yearbook

Hi Members,

As you will now be aware from the AGM, the Club Yearbook for 2019 will be distributed in March 2019. This is so that the book goes to print after the membership renewal process has concluded in February, meaning that the boat list will then be up to date.

You will have seen that the fixtures calendar in the 2018 Yearbook runs to March 2019 so that there is no “gap” and the 2019/2020 events have been posted in the Calendar which is available on the club website. The 2019 tide tables will be in the new Yearbook as usual.

However, the new data protection rules mean that we cannot include your name and your boat details in the next Yearbook without your consent. We cannot assume that consent.

So, if you want your name and boat details to be included in the next Club Yearbook (and subsequent yearbooks, whilst you remain a member and have the same boat), please email membership@fsmbcnet.org.uk with: 

  • · Your boat’s name.
  • · What type of boat it is.
  • · The member owner’s name. (Sorry, we’ve only got room for one name – you choose which one if there is more than one owner)

If we do not hear from you on this by 31 December 2018 we will assume that you do not want your boat to be included in the boat list in the Yearbook.

Thank you in anticipation.

Vannes presentation 9th November at 20.30 in the Club Room


Vannes Visit 2019

Vannes presentation 9th November. 20.30 Hrs in the Club Room.

Come along for a flavour of what this fantastic exchange trip is all about with some suitable French nibbles to compliment.

The Vannes exchange is the 23rd-29th June 2019, a full on experience of life and food in France, very hospitable and a very worthwhile event to attend with fellow salty sea dogs from Warsash, Hill Head and Portchester sailing clubs.

See you there.

Dee, Gaynor and Margaret