Handicaps 2017

Why Handicap

All Handicaps are fundamentally unfair as they aim to encourage slow boats and skippers with limited skills to come racing. There is little that is more discouraging to a crew at the back of the field with the knowledge that there is little they can do but come last in every race. A successful handicap system is one that allows owners with the slowest boats to compete against all boats whilst presenting an achievable challenge to the owners of fast well sorted boats.

Club racing is the best way to get to know your boat and work out what works best. If you have never done club racing before, then please make the effort to join in.

Current FSMBC handicap

All Yachts competing in Harbour races will have an initial handicap rating issued by Byron.

Solent races races will be run under the Bryon handicap ratings.

During 2017, the Sailing Committee are trialling a Performance Based Handicap (PBH) for all Harbour races only. These ratings will be calculated on yachts Elapsed race times. All participating yachts will have their ratings recalculated at the end of each race series, new ratings to be used over the next series.  If you wish to find out how the calculation is done, please speak to the Sailing Sec.

If your boat does not have a Byron handicap rating you may either accept the rating issued by the Sailing Committee or apply direct to Bryon to have one issued to your boat. The Sailing Committee will always give priority to Byron rating.

To apply click this link:


How to apply a Handicap.

A yacht with an elapsed time of 60 minutes and a handicap of 1200 multiplies their elapsed time by (1000/Handicap number) to find out their corrected time.

i.e. 60 x 1000/1200 = 50

So a yacht with a Handicap rating of 1200 finishing in 60 minutes will have a corrected time of 50 minutes.

Current Handicaps – July ’17

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