Galley help for new members


How it affects you.


  • Due to Health & Safety regulations, all food sold on club’s premises must be prepared on site.
  • You will need to decide on your menu, then shop for food. Condiments and sauces are mostly stocked in the galley.
  • Keep your receipts, you can reimburse yourself from your proceeds. Any profit made is left in a brown envelope. A £20 float will be in the cash box for you.
  • To access the galley you will need to contact the Duty Officer several days before your duty to obtain the Key Code for the week. Key safe is located on the left of loft stairs.
  • Serving numbers?

Very difficult to predict! These can be as little from 5 to as many as 20 servings

Factors that can affect the number of servings:-

  1. Saturdays usually have lower servings than Sundays
  2. An evening event booked, such as a party or special event
  3. Low lunchtime tide
  4. An organised FSMBC event to another site
  5. Visiting Yachts
  • Some members will ask for coffee / hot drink. Stocked in galley – so no need to supply. However, good idea to get a couple of pints of fresh milk in.

Note: Lugger crews get free hot drinks.

Menu ideas

  • Try to supply a choice of three menus, not forgetting that we have a few vegetarian members.
  • Hot toasted sandwich, Hot dogs, Shepherds pie, Baked potatoes, Chicken Korma, Chilli, Ploughman and salads all go down well with members. It really depends on how much preparation time you wish to spend!
  • Try to price your menu to ensure you cover your costs and make a small contribution to cost of condiments etc. The galley is not run with profit making in mind, but rather to ensure value for money.
  • Suggested menu prices:-
    • Hot plated meals:  £3.00
    • Ploughmans:  £2.50
    • Soup & Roll:  £2.00
    • Hotdog / Burger / Bacon / Sausage sandwiches / Toasties:  £2.00
    • Cold sandwiches £1.50
    • Hot drinks: £0.50      

If you have any questions, or need further advice, contact the Galley manager currently:

Terry Godfrey. Contact details can be found on DutyMan

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