Work Scheme Duties

  • FSMBC, with the exception of a cleaner, does not employ staff to cover any day to day running of the club. All events / activities are covered by members.
  • Part of the yearly membership dues is a commitment to do a minimum of 8hr work scheme duties.
  • Any member failing to do their booked work scheme duty is fined to an amount equivalent to twice the single yearly membership subscription.
  • Volunteers are constantly required and very welcomed. However, volunteering for extra duties does not remove your Booked Work Scheme duty commitment!
  • There are two main types of duty rosters available to members:
    • Clubhouse, which covers areas such as Maintenance, Galley & Bar duties. These are all nominally 4 hour duties, so members on this roster will need to select 2 dates per year.
    • Sailing, these cover Patrol Boat, Race Officer and Try-Sailing duties. Three sailing rosters cover the short, medium and longer length duties where members will need to select  3 or 2 duty dates per year respectively.
  • The club’s administrative and committee members are deemed to do their tasks as part of their work scheme commitments.
  • All Duties are administered through a web based program called DutyMan. DutyMan provides the club with the ability to:
    • Have a secure database of members details.
    • Members to book their work scheme dates at the beginning of the year.
    • Enables members to easily arrange for duty swaps in the event they are unable to cover their duty date.
    • Volunteer for extra cover when needed.
    • Publish duty calendar.
    • Publish members contact details.
  • New members will be issued with duties on a ‘as required’ basis for their first year. After this they are given a choice of which roster to be allocated to and which date to book. This choice is regulated by the space available and by the skills of an individual member.

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