Change of Work Scheme Year:

Dear Members,

For 2014 Duties:- (This year only)

• Book your duty dates on line from 1st December 2013 to 9th December 2013. This is the last year you will be able to do this before renewing your club membership.

• Duty date range, for this year only, is 1st January 2014 to 28th February 2015.
• You may ‘Mix & Match’ duties within your listed roster. i.e. if your listed on the Clubhouse roster you may select 1 Bar & 1 Galley duty, or both the same duty type.

  • If you can not book your dates on line (via DutyMan) come to the Clubhouse between Midday & 2pm on Sunday 1st December to book through the work scheme administrator.

After the AGM you should all receive an email informing you of your work scheme roster allocation. This list will also be posted up in the Clubhouse notice board.

If you wish to change your allocated roster you must first find someone on another roster who is prepared to swap with you.

The following changes are to be introduced by 2015:

• The Work Scheme duty year period will commence at the beginning of March and finish at the end of February of the following year.
• Members will only be able to book their duty dates after the end of membership renewal period. i.e. After 31st January.
• Duty Calendar will be published at the end of February ready for the March to February duties.

Kind regards to all,

Charlie Coxwell
Work Scheme Administrator