Weymouth Rally

Weekend May 2nd

Hi to all you out of Solent Cruisers out there

I am waiting to hear from you all so I can book a trip to Weymouth for the second May, so if you are interested in going please let me know so I can try to book moorings and places to eat, so email me on johnrgloria@aol.com

I may not be able to do this trip  myself as I have a gear box problem, which I am hoping to rectify this weekend, so as anybody got a spare berth out there if I am unsuccessful .

John Riley

Some photos of 2013 Weymouth trip

2014 Proposed Rallies

Hi all

The sailing season is almost upon us, so I thought I would give you some dates for your dairy before It all get clogged up with things you would rather not be doing.

Easter let’s start gently with out of Solent sailing as the weather can be unsettled at this time of year!


April 18th Portsmouth H/W 1415hrs Good Friday Target Lymington                              

Saturday 18th H/W 1500hrs Target Poole Harbour.

Sunday 19th H/W 1550hrs Target, Yarmouth

Monday 20th H/W 1700hrs Home port

Keeping  in the theme of going west, how about Weymouth.  We had a delightful  time last year & turnout was  excellent. It`s a lively port & you Moor in the center of town & no you do not have to wait for bridges to open you moor sea side of it. For those of us that can pinch the Friday on first bank holiday in May I think Weymouth would be good venue,  Stop off at Yarmouth & make it an easy first leg & return to home port via Lymington                                                                                                    


Friday 2nd  May Portsmouth H/W 1335hrs target Yarmouth

Saturday 3rd H/W 1510hrs target Weymouth.

Sunday   4th Lymington H/W 1550hrs 

Monday 5th H/W 1630hrs Home port.      


Saturday May 24th It`s down in the Year book as out of Solent. I am changing that to in Solent to give the small boat & the less ambitious sailors amongst us a chance to sail in company. I believe our commodore has  arrange to get a good discount at Port Hamble Marina in the Hamble & to eat / drink at the RAF Clubhouse.

Saturday May 24th Portsmouth H/W 0830hrs Sunday 25th H/W 0930hrs

If weather is settled, anchor  at Osbourne Bay,maybe with a picnic. If not New Town  Creek .


May 31 Island Harbour rally (IOW) H/W  Portsmouth  0405hrs

Sunday Jun 1st 1450hrs Home Port


Please note  sometimes we will have to cancel a trip due to bad weather forecast. This  is not done lightly but we must let restaurant and mariner’s  & alike know in advance so food is not spoiled, and berth’s re let. If we fail to do this they may not take our booking in the future. 

All of the above is still to be organised, therefore we require information and input from you

I.E number of boats & crew.

We do realise things change & you may cancel and that’s o/k as long as you let us know as soon as possible, asking at the last minute or just turning up  can be a bit of problem. Too save disappointment book early.

Contact John Riley by e-mail johnrgloria@aol.com

Weymouth August Bank Hol


August 23rd to 26th. The last bank holiday till Christmas That has made me sit up and think, how about you?
Weymouth is a delightful town to visit, If you have not been there before, you moor right up in the town centre, mooring cost are average and the natives are friendly.
Friday the 23rd would be a good day to set off for small to medium boats with a stop off at Yarmouth I.O.W. on Friday night, Saturday Morning set out to the needles faraway buoy to catch the first of the west going Dover tide.
We would appreciate letting us know your intention as soon as possible for planning, as you know bank holidays are a busy time, so, WE MUST PREWARN harbour master sailing clubs alike so we have berths & places to eat as a party, We require boat & skipper name plus number of persons on board.
I am sure you all appreciate this trip is weather dependent, We would not expect you to head into a force 6 on the nose outside the Solent, or indeed if that is forecast for the return trip home, so watch this space if weather looks challenging, The decision may be decided at the club house on Thursday night by proxy too curtail the trip is a possibility

Please email me at:-


or Tel 01494 712375 & leave a message.
John Riley