Need a Duty Swap?

How to arrange a Duty Swap

  • Log on to DutyMan
  • On right side of screen select ‘Request a duty swap’
  • Select the duty you can not do
  • Select (Maximum of 20 duties) all the duty dates / types you can do. Please note you may select any duties.
  • Type in a message ie Please help me out!
  • Check ‘Mail me a summary’
  • Click on ‘Request swap’

DutyMan will send an email to all you have selected. The first person to click ‘Accept’ on their email will be swapped with your duty and you will both receive a confirmation email.

If all 20 click ‘Decline’ then you will need to request a further 20. Hence need for a printed summery so you know who you have already asked. You will need to keep doing this until you have successfully arranged a swap.

If you have arranged a swap outside DutyMan, please use above method to amend the duty calendar. (Only select the one person you have already arranged a swap with.) This will ensure that the calendar remains correct.

If you have arranged a duty cover (as against a swap). Please email the work scheme administrator, so that the calendar can be updated.

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