Regatta Events Programme


Please signal your intention to take part. Call or e-mail either:


Nick How Phone: 07771717875.  e-mail:


Tracy Tennant: Phone 07817352118.  e-mail:


10.00 AM….. Opening Ceremony
10.10 AM …..Scouts Race 1 (Under 12)
10.20 AM …..Scouts Race 2 (Under 14)
10.30 AM….. Explorers Gig 1 & 2
10.40 AM….. Ladies Gig Teams 1 (Red) & 2 (Orange)
10.50 AM….. Mens Gig Teams 1 (Blue) & 2 (Grey)
11.00 AM….. Scouts Race 3 (Under 12)
11.10 AM….. Ladies Gig Teams 3 (Yellow) & 4 (Light Blue)
11.20 AM….. Mens Gig Teams 3 (Orange) & 4 (Red)
11.30 AM….. Scouts Race 4 (Under 14)
11.40 AM….. Explorers Gig 1 & 2
11.50 AM….. Gap
12.00 NOON….. Ladies Gig Teams 5 (Green) & 6 (Grey)
12.10 PM….. Mens Gig Teams 5 (Green) & 6 (Yellow)
12.20 PM….. Scouts Under 12 Final
12.30 PM….. Scouts Under 14 Final
12.40 PM…..
12.50 PM…..
1:00 PM….. Oar of Fareham Race
1:10 PM….. Mayor’s Regatta Cup


Shore side events – Saturday 22nd June

  1:00 PM – 5:00 PM BBQ + Shore Fun Games
12:30 PM – 5:00 PM Club House Bar open Club House Bar open
5:00 PM – 11.00 PM Club Workshop Bar Open
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Tills of Hara – Celtic Folk
8:30 PM – 11:30 PM Barry Fordham – R & B
10:30PM Fireworks




11.00 AM….. Regatta Lugger Cup race
11.15 AM….. Regatta Handicap Dinghy Race
1:00 PM….. Ladies Gig 5th & 6th Places Final
1:10 PM….. Mens Gig 5th & 6th Places Final
1:20 PM….. Ladies Gig 3rd & 4th Places Final
1:30 PM….. Mens Gig 3rd & 4th Places Final
1:40 PM….. Ladies Gig 1st & 2nd Places Final
1:50 PM….. Mens Gig 1st & 2nd Places Final
2:00 PM….. Gap
2:10 PM….. Two Handed Rowing – Fun Race
2:20 PM….. Blindfolded rowing – Fun race
2:30 PM….. Rubber tender – Fun race
2:40 PM….. Egg & spoon – Fun race
2:50 PM….. Men / Ladies Gig knockout
3:00 PM….. Prize Giving

3:30 PM….. Fareham Creekers
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM Club House Bar open

12:00Noon – 2:00 PM  BBQ







Lugger Sailing

A Lugger Regatta Cup Race will be held on Sunday at 11.00 am before the rowing starts, and this will follow the lines of a normal Lugger Race. There will be medals
for first second and third places, as well as a cup for the winner.    


Handicap Dinghy Sailing

A Handicap Dinghy Regatta Cup race will begin at 11.15am on Sunday, fifteen minutes after the Lugger Race has started. The handicap system will follow conventional
lines. It is expected to include Toppers, Pico’s, Mirror’s, Laser’s and any
other type of dinghy whatsoever. There will be medals for first second and
third places, as well as a cup for the winners


Men & Ladies Gig Rowing

The Gig racing consists of two five-man (or woman) gig boats, owned by the scouts
racing against each other on a short course in front of the FSMBC Clubhouse.

There are four oarsmen (or women) plus a coxswain who steers per team.

There will be six men and ladies teams racing on Sat will have one race each and go though on a knock out basis to the semi-finals on Sunday.

The fastest loser of the Saturday heats will go though to make up the four men and four ladies teams in the semi-finals on Sunday.

The two teams not advancing to the semi finals on Sunday as described above will race again on Sunday to decide 5th and 6th places. The winners of the semi-finals on Sunday will go through to the finals, also on Sunday.
There will be medals for first second and third placed teams, as well as cups
for the winning ladies and men teams.

Teams T-Shirts will be provided and the colours will be Blue, Red, Green, Yellow,
Orange and Grey.

There will be a Special Mayors Cup from Scratch Gig Teams on Saturday

Gigs Practise Evening to be held at the Club house 18th June – 7.00pm

Fun races

Held in any Dinghy of 10’ or under. No Outboards allowed.


One rower facing forward, either sitting or standing.

Single handed

One rower facing aft using two oars


One rower using one oar, used as paddle, at bow or at stern

Two handed

Two rowers, one oar each


Two people, rower blindfolded.

Rubber tender

Max of 4 participants, no oars. Rubber dinghies only!

Egg & Spoon

Two people, one holding egg balanced in spoon



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