2017 race evaluation evening

Friday 27th October

The Sailing Committee invite you to a race evaluation meeting at the Clubhouse at 7.30.

Items to be discussed:

  • Solent Cruiser Races – What can be done to encourage members to participate?  This year saw a disappointing turnout of participants. Next year we will be running 4 Sunday Solent races, each one back from a Social Rally to be held at Hamble, Island Harbour Marina, Beaulieu and Yarmouth. With better publicity it is hoped that a greater number of members will participate. The race back from Island Harbour will include a Cup for the first boat, on corrected time, helmed by a Lady. A cup will be awarded for the winner of the race series. One discard allowed from the 4 races. Handicap will be by Byron.
  • Harbour Cruiser race courses – This year we have changed the structure of harbour race courses. Do members like the changes? Would participants prefer longer or shorter courses?
  • Harbour Cruiser race handicaps – With a view of tempting a greater number  of participating competitors, the Sailing Committee trialled a different approach to handicap setting. (PBH)
    • The different types of Handicap systems – their advantages and disadvantages.
    • What other Sailing Clubs are using for Handicaps.
    • Comparison of race results using PBH & Bryon.
    • Explanation of ‘Dividing Factor’ within PBH.
    • Has this been successful?
    • Should we continue with this system?
  • Crew availability – several members have cited that one of the reasons they do not participate is a shortage of crew. Suggestions on how the club could help on this issue.
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